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When planning a garden party, it is essential that you know the tips and tricks to help add a touch of class and glamour. Ensuring your guests are well catered for will determine the success of your party. Here are the factors you need to consider when planning a luxury garden party.

Setting the Tone

The first step in the planning stages of your garden party should be what sort of tone and feel you want for the day. Knowing what would suit your garden and your guests is essential for your party to be an overall success. There are numerous factors you need to consider for your garden, such as its size and layout, so you can plan accordingly and host a party that can accommodate your guests whilst being comfortable at the same time. If you do not have enough seating space for all your guests, it is important that you have plans in place to ensure all your guests can make the most out of the party.


Your main priority when hosting your garden party is to ensure your guests are entertained throughout their stay. There are many ways that you can help bring your party to life and provide entertainment that your guests can enjoy. As your guests are likely to wander around the garden as opposed to being confined to one place, bringing in activities and entertainers such as magicians and musicians can inject a bit of fun and excitement into your garden party. Having the entertainers in separate places in the garden will ensure your guests always have something new to check out.


As your garden party will be outside, it is important that you consider the lighting, especially at nighttime. The way you use lighting can transform your garden and create a beautiful scene. Having lights on the trees and using candles in jam jars can help bring your garden to life. When it gets dark, your garden lighting should be subtle. Too much lighting can be overpowering for your guests, so make sure you take this into account to ensure your guests are comfortable and relaxed.

Outdoor Decorations

Once you have decided on the tone and theme of your garden party, you will need to have decorations that match. You should have a color scheme that translates throughout your garden and all the way down to the smallest detail. To bring some luxury to your garden, choosing colors such as gold, silver, and copper can add a touch of class.

Prepare for Weather

As your garden party will be taking place outside, it is vital that you are prepared for all types of weather. Although your party will be taking place in summer, there is a chance of rain so taking precautionary measures will ensure your garden party goes as smoothly as possible. Having a marquee in your garden will provide shelter for you and your guests and enable you all to enjoy the party regardless of weather conditions. Temperatures will drop as the day turns into night, so purchasing rugs and blankets will help keep your guests warm and able to stay outside in comfort. If you do not want to feel too restricted, opting for a canopy could be another option for you.


Having outdoor heating is essential for keeping your guests warm throughout the duration of the party. Firepits, chimeneas, and patio heaters can provide the heating needed to keep your guests happy and satisfied. Having consistent heating will ensure your guests are comfortable throughout the whole party and reduce the risk of any guests leaving or going indoors.

Food and Drink

When choosing the food and drinks for your guests, it is important that you pick quality over quantity. You will want to get the best food and drinks on the market to add an extra layer of luxury to proceedings. Brewing your own beer can add a distinctive touch to your garden party, so looking at websites like Woodys Home Brew will help you find out more on what equipment and help you will need. Make sure to have a wide range of food and drink to give your guests more choice and bear in mind any dietary requirements beforehand. Also, ensure you factor in the number of guests coming to your party so you can provide the right amount of food and drink.


Once your garden party is coming to an end, that does not mean that it must stop altogether. If you have a large garden, hiring out luxury tents can provide guests with accommodation and add a unique twist to your party. Make sure that you know how many guests are staying over so you know how many people you are accommodating. Also, ensure your luxury tents are sustainable for all types of weather.


Finishing Touches

Before your garden party begins, adding a few finishing touches can enhance the overall experience. Minute details and personal touches can go a long way in bringing your party to life and fitting the theme you have chosen. Opting for fresh flowers or rose petals on tables can help fit the summer aesthetic and create the right atmosphere for your party. Also, having luxury dinnerware as opposed to paper plates and cutlery can help set the scene and inject a bit of glamour and sophistication to the day.

Ask for Help

If you are planning and hosting your garden party alone, the entire process can be incredibly exhausting. Having a helping hand can go a long way and ensure your party is well structured and goes accordingly to plan. Enlisting some help from a friend or family member can take the weight off your shoulders and make sure that every aspect of the party is covered.

If you would like more tips and tricks to hosting the perfect summer garden party, make sure that you look online at specialist websites that can give you a better understanding on all the tools you need to create a successful garden party.


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