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How Internet decreases the world’s cultural landscape?

The digital revolution started in 29 October 1969 when for the first time one network was made between Leonard Kleinrock's Network Measurement Center at the UCLA's School of Engineering and Applied Science  and Douglas Engelbart's NLS...

SwissTV, VOD (R)evolution

SwissTV is an interesting swiss offer for VOD, video on demand. Most of online offers are either not compatible with what you have at home - hardware - or too expensive and sometimes not appropriate. Switzerland has its ways and here we might see a nice (r)evolution. Check it out.

iPhone new commercial – If you don’t have an iPhone…

Here is the new TV commercial for the iPhone 4. The theme is about the fact that if "you do not have an iPhone" basically you are a loser.... It is bold but is it not a little over the top?

Is Steve Jobs coming back?

Steve jobs is leaving the company leadership for an undetermined time... Is Apple going to survive? Of course.

iPhone 4G, wait and SEE.

Apple declared they will ship the new iPhone this summer. So it means we will have a nice 4G Holidays. Here is a video that shows you exactly how the iPhone 4G looks like without any special effects, or blurring or whatever.

Did you say Tablet?

Tablet is a great fashionable word right now. According to Wikipedia, a Tablet is....

Who is buying Apple iPad and which one ?

The launch of Apple iPad is now everywhere. Europe was a final step. England, France, Switzerland, Germany.... all got the iPad tsunami. Check the stats!

Getting an iPad microwaved… madness!

Check here how a new 3G iPad can be microwaved... my god this hurts! You can even buy it on eBay.

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