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Most Valuable Artworks in the World

A Leonardo da Vinci is sold for $450 million at an auction house of New York “Christie’s auctions and private sales.” It is a record-breaking sale because the current record for the...

Philippe Cramer, From New York To Geneva, Design is An Art.

Art Geneva is already finished and we can say it was again a great edition. This year the art fair joined forces with the decorative arts thanks to a collaboration with the PAD...

Longchamp opens the perspectives at MaMo in Marseille.

Involved in the artistic circles, the Longchamp House has been establishing partnerships with designers and artists since its origins. In 2016, after working with Ryan McGiness while renovating its historical flagship on...

Birdy Kids at ArtShop Lausanne – Must see!

Lausanne will shine with bright and vibrant colors from tonight. Birdy Kids are in town. Always on the cutting edge of art, Virginie Bridy and her trendy ArtShop in Lausanne present an exhibition of some chosen artwork of street artists Birdy Kids.

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