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Fragrance words, episode 8 with Diane Thalheimer-Krief

Fragrance words episode 8 features Diane Thalheimer-Krief. Please see below for the french version. EPISODE 8: DIANE THALHEIMER-KRIEF (EN) Diane Thalheimer-Krief has 20 years of experience in developing fragrances, international marketing, olfaction and evaluation. From...

Fragrance words, episode 4: Pierre Aulas

For the second time this week, Fragrance words reveals the vision of aFragrance expert about perfumery trends. In this 4th episode, we discover the words of Pierre Aulas. As usual, the french...

New Balenciaga Flora Botanica – disappointing

It is true that we cannot succeed everything, and with the launch of the new fragrance by Balenciaga - Flora Botanica - it is precisely the case. Basically we cannot understand why...

Balenciaga Paris – L’Essence

Balenciaga is launching a new fragrance under Balenciaga Paris line. It is called Balenciaga Paris l'Essence. It is a more intense version of the original fragrance, a more intimist approach. Charlotte Gainsbourg...

Balenciaga Beauty? The Black & White Experience

After the very beautiful and successful launch of Balenciaga Paris, the new Fragrance of Balenciaga, now the brand has "Beauty Ambitions". They are launching 3 products under a very timeless luxury theme: Black & White.

Balenciaga and the timeless luxury

If we say Balenciaga is a very chic, timeless brand, we can not agree more.

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