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Sisley Le Sculpteur – Intense Contouring care

Sisley launches a new innovative contouring care called Le Sculpteur. A new approach of your body as the vehicle of your energy and vitality. Full Review here.

Men’s Grooming for Christmas: Get Ready For Celebration In Beauty.

The holiday season is already knocking at the door and the first snow just felt this week. We are already 20 days before Christmas and it is the perfect time for you,...

Rituals Cosmetics opens a new store in Lausanne

Beauty brands are not only a product provider, they participate to your beauty routine, which means they create self-indulgent moments for you. With Rituals Cosmetics, the philosophy tends to generate happiness that...

4 Ways to Get Silky Smooth Skin

Every woman wants the smoothest, silkiest skin possible but it seems like no matter what they do or how hard they try, their skin just seems to get rougher and drier. Actually,...

Shine Bright Like the Stars: Skincare Tips from Celebrity Dermatologists

As a celebrity, you’re expected to carry yourself to a certain standard. But how do they do it? Beauty Tips from the celebrities themselves.

Parfums Divine launches Spirituelle. In the name of the Rose.

There are olfactory themes in Perfumery that only the best master-perfumers would dare to revisit as the difficulty of reaching an amazing result is very high. Parfums Divine dared to revisit the...

Sisley Summer 2014, take care of your skin for the perfect look.

Now that Winter is far away behind us, Spring has finally arrived. The sunny days are now here and to keep a healthy good looking skin, Sisley has the right products for...

Marilyn Monroe – Chanel 1 x Dior 0

When History and Marketing collides, there is only one who wins. And it is not Marketing. For this christmas Dior and Chanel are battling with one common weapon: Marilyn Monroe. The problem...

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