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Five Books You Need To Read This Summer

Here are my 5 top books to read this summer. The estival season is a great moment to relax and think about something else than work. Time to disconnect.

Summer reading: the top 5 books to read during your holidays

Ready for your holidays? You probably started thinking about what should you place in your luggage and if your body still fits into your swimsuit. Well, before getting into this naughty consideration,...

Tresors de mon Pays: read about Switzerland as you will never know it anymore.

Tresors de mon Pays: etween 1955 and 1990, Les Edition du Griffon published 165 books to (re) discover Switzerland in its intimacy and beauty. With a focused care in writing as to the quality of photos and reproduction, these are some 165 titles that offer a genuine insight into Switzerland, its traditions, its landscapes and its people.

50 shades of Grey: get dirty… at least in your mind.

It is the new big thing: 50 Shades of Grey. Written by E. L. James, of her real name Erika Leonard. Today it reaches almost 60 million of sales worldwide. The original english...

Bruce – biography of America’s soul

Peter Ames Carlin launches this month a new biography about Bruce Springsteen. It is called BRUCE. For so many decades, Bruce Springsteen represented the voice of America, it's soul and it's energy. This...

Waging Heavy Peace, by Neil Young.

This fall, one of the most awaited biographies is called "Waging Heavy Peace". It is the memoirs of Rock star Neil Young. Born in 1945 in Canada, Neil Young is considered as...

Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson, Counter-Culture

During the holiday season, I read the official biography of Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson. At the beginning I thought  it was again another object to nourish Steve Jobs cult. Even though...

Vintage T-Shirt, a T-book?

This month was launched a book called Vintage T-Shirt. It was written by 3 masters of Vintage T-shirt in Hollywood, Patrick and Marc Guetta with the help of fashion magazine editor Alison Nieder. Mr and Mr Guetta are the legendary owners of a store called World of Vintage T-Shirts.

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