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Who is the next king of cool?

Every decade has its rising stars, cash cows and dying mammoth... Ok, here I am not talking about Darwin or about animals... I am talking about innovative, creative and outstanding companies that...

Scoring a Professional Image: It’s a Tie!

You're a professional guy. Confident. Successful. You're about to leave for a business trip that includes everything from presenting a report to "casual" cocktail chats. And you have absolutely no idea what...

Dancing Dragons by Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill.

The american architecture cabinet Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill presented this month the plans for a magnificient double towers called Dancing Dragons. They will be placed in the business district of Yongsan International...

Nespresso… something else?

Most of the time, when Nespresso reveals a new "Georges Clooney ad" it is an event. But now, it is another kind of buzz. http://www.youtube.com/v/GhzHRuhzPSE?version=3&hl=en_US The Swiss association Solidar Suisse launched a buzz campaign...

China Luxury – the key figures by Luxury Activist

Hello, please find here below a video by Luxury Activist about the Cosmetic business in China. The figures are just amazing. Cheers, LA http://www.youtube.com/v/C95X4sJr06s?version=3&hl=fr_FR You can also check this video on youtube here.  

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