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5 Luxury Trends That Everyone Should Think About – 2022 Edition.

Read my complete review of luxury trends in 2022. Five main ideas that will shape the luxury industry.

Reputation Matters: How to Find the Best Products

How do you know what to look for when purchasing luxurious goods online or in stores? Is it simply the highest price tag or is there more to it? Whether shopping for...

The Future Of Retail, Technology At Your Service

The more internet technologies allow retailers to review their model, the more important changes will be put in place across the user experience. Here are 4 major changes that will certainly happen...

Why should luxury brands embrace e-Business?

In 2013, there were 330 million luxury consumers in the world. By 2020, they will be 400 million. This represents an increase of 20% in less than 10 years, placing the Luxury...

Karmaloop, fashion street culture.

Discover Karmaloop.com, an anti-conservative and counter-cultural fashion website proposing different brands under the same philosophy: keep you away of fashion standardization. They have selected brands and some of them you might not...

Sonic Watches, a new brand made in Germany

2010 saw the birth of a new watch brand called Sonic Watches. It is a german brand based in Mannheim a beautiful city half way between Frankfurt and Stuttgart in Germany. So for Watch fans the first idea here would be to say, watches are only swiss-made or not. So what about Sonic Watches?

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