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AZ Factory: Welcome back Mr Elbaz. We missed you Amigo.

Alber Elbaz is back with his new brand AZ Factory. The new creations were designed to provide beautiful and clever solutions for the modern woman. Full Review.

Exclusive interview – Laura Adrianna Romanin, creative director for AUDREYMAG.CH

Discover this exclusive interview with the Stylish Laura Adrianna Romanin, Creative Director for AUDREYMAG.CH Magazine. The interview was conducted by Katrien Verhassel, Stylist and Fashion Blogger at Your Style and it is an...

Best Luxury news from 2013

Luxury Activist takes the holiday season as an opportunity for thematic flashbacks on the most popular articles, news and reviews of 2013. In this session, find here the 5 most popular articles...

Luxury News to Style You Up!

The world of luxury is sheer dynamic in nature. Every new minute it undergoes some elegant and ineluctable changes. Everyone struggles to keep up with such phenomenal changes in day-to-day life. Okay, if...

Luxury Magazines for Fashion Lovers!

Tons of gorgeous and opulent items comprise a big branded and luxurious world. Adding such dazzling articles in your lifestyle anyway helps you outshine among the lot! But where to attain this scoop...

The new look of Vogue Paris

I am not really used to talk about Vogue as I am not sure it is really necessary but this year the Parisian September issue attract my attention. In deed Vogue got...

Vintage T-Shirt, a T-book?

This month was launched a book called Vintage T-Shirt. It was written by 3 masters of Vintage T-shirt in Hollywood, Patrick and Marc Guetta with the help of fashion magazine editor Alison Nieder. Mr and Mr Guetta are the legendary owners of a store called World of Vintage T-Shirts.

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