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A Career in Fashion Modeling

A Career As a Fashion Model. Many people the world over are fans of the fashion scene. There are so many people who enjoy flipping through glossy fashion magazines on a regular basis....

Caroline Vreeland, more than a it-girl.

When we say IT-GIRL, we are not talking about a girl working in an IT department. We are talking about a girl who definitely is driving the news. A girl who is stylish, beautiful, sexy and with an attitude. We could list a few but there is one that you need to know, she is Caroline Vreeland.

Saint Laurent Dance by Hedi Slimane. Not bad but could be better.

When Hedi Slimane took over from Stefano Pilati at the head of creation in Saint Laurent Paris, we all started dreaming about all the amazing photos and videos he would do. And...

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