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Power Your Way to the Top with These Fashions

Anyone looking to climb the corporate ladder needs to understand just how important fashion is in their endeavors. As little children, we were taught ‘never judge a book by its cover,’ but...

Fashion Tips for the Business Professional

Anyone looking to carve a name for himself or herself in the world of business knows just how important it is to dress the part. No, you don’t need to sport a...

Plane Chic: How to Look Stylish at the Airport

Think of the airport as your very own international fashion runway. Hundreds of eyes on you, people from all over the world—it’s your chance to show them just how plane chic you...

Friday chronicle #23 – What if Hedi Slimane joins Chanel as Artistic Director?

Hedi Slimane officially left Yves Saint Laurent, a lot of fashion experts are speculating about what would be his next move. At LuxuryActivist we know there is only one possibility. It is...

Tips To Style Up At 40+ With Casual Clothes This Summer

Casual clothing makes us look and feel good in the hot summer days. With just a little time left for summer to set in most of you may be busy updating the...

Millennials: be your own fashion designer

Looking good is important. You want people to notice you and admire your choice of outfit, but unless you can afford to pay designer prices, it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd. High street fashion is great, but there are always thousands of people wearing the same outfit and putting together an original outfit is hard to do. Luckily there are ways to look like you were born a fashionista without spending a fortune – and here’s how.

Fashion Accessories for Supercar Driving

Hire a luxury supercar to best experience the thrill of driving. Discover the latest fashion accessories to complete the stylish look.

Friday Chronicle #20 – Why the fashion industry is killing fashion? A heritage and creativity debate. 

When a very well known trends agency in Paris said back in 2012 that fashion needed to get its freedom from the heritage and history or die, it was probably the most stupid thing to say. Nevertheless it was the state of mind of many people at that time. Since then several iconic Fashion houses decided to embrace this over-modernity philosophy and now, 4 years later, they are dying .

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