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Friday’s chronicle N.18 The cult of “eternal youth” – a today’s mantra.

What is more powerful and strong than religion, politics and sometimes even love? It is the aim for most individuals to remain young. The desirability to be young forever is a very strong feeling, more powerful and deeply installed in our today’s modern society than anything else. Read more here...

Top 5 most viewed posts of the week – june10/2011

Hello, as usual, here are the top articles of the week. They are the ones most viewed during the past 7 days. Have a nice weekend. LA

Top 5 Articles les plus vus de la semaine

Dears, here are the most viewed posts of the week. Wishing you all a nice weekend. LATrès chers, voici les articles les plus vus de la semaine. Bon weekend à tous. LA

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