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Puredistance, 20 Years Of Creation In Haute-Parfumerie

Puredistance is one Fragrance house very unique. Celebrating its 20th anniversary of true olfactory creation with the launch of two amazing books.

Sisley Eau De Campagne: 45 Years Of Sublime Nature

Flashback on a beautiful fragrance, a true icon for its brand. Read our review on Sisley Eau de Campagne. Its creation, the beauty of its scent and range.

POUR UN HOMME De Caron: The Eternal Masterpiece.

Flashback on one of the most iconic fragrances for men: POUR UN HOMME de Caron. Full review about its scent, flacon and advertising. Full Review here.

Puredistance GOLD, A New Precious Creation To Close An Unique Trilogy.

Puredistance collaborated with Master Perfumer Antoine Lie in order to create a perfume trilogy. After the successful launch of Black and White, now with the launch of GOLD, Puredistance reveals a new...

Puredistance, A True Exclusive And Luxury Fragrance House Worth Knowing.

When you think everything was done and there is not much left to do in the perfumery market, you realize that some fragrance houses do not see it this way. When you...

Friday Chronicle # 32: Eight Fragrances Considered As True “UFOs” In Terms Of Creativity Worth Knowing.

The history of perfumery saw millions of fragrances launches. In the past 15 years, there has been between 400 and 1000 fragrances launched every year. Out of all these launches probably only...

Joy By Jean Patou: Extraordinary, Irreplaceable, Masterpiece And Above All, One Of A Kind.

The Fragrance industry has been fighting for decades a battle between the power of Marketing and the uniqueness of true creations. In difficult times, only great fragrances remain and among the icons...

The Top 10 Fragrances You Could Wear This Summer: Fresh,Sexy And Classy!

Summer is almost around the corner and while you are probably finishing your holidays bookings, here is a short list of amazing fragrances you should wear this summer. Summer is the perfect...

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