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Welcome To The New Gods of Fashion

Exit Yves, Christian, Karl, Raf, Albert... Welcome to Cristiano, Robyn or Gwyneth. The fashion world has dramatically changed. The old gods were replaced by new...

Cannes Film festival, when stars “reveal” themselves.

The Cannes Film festival is the place where new stars are born and accomplished stars get the ultimate honors. In any case, stars attend to the French film festival to be seen and in some cases they end up showing off more than they would have thought. Here is our best review on Wardrobe malfunctions at Cannes film festival, since 1955!

Gwyneth Paltrow to initiate Christmas season for Le Printemps in Paris

Every holiday season, we hope to see the magic of christmas to operate. And this Christmas, Le Printemps in Paris will reveal its amazing animated windows in presence with Gwyneth Paltrow in...

How To Look Good While Traveling

Whether you're boarding a plane to zip off for a day of business meetings or you're on your way to a summer spent in Italy, you can always look stylish while doing...

Carla Amorim, brazilians do it better… jewellery

Discover Carla Amorim, one of the most talented brazilian jewellers of her generation. Her major inspiration? Brazil of course. Brazil is considered as one of the most rich countries in the world in...

Louis Vuitton: New flagship store in London

British fashionistas, you have now a new temple :Louis Vuitton, 17-20 New Bond Street, London W1.

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