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Kim DotCom, is he the millennium hero?

Kim DotCom has called himself the internet resistance. He declared himself as the highest profile to be victim of the US restricted laws about internet. He is supposed to be the person...

Playtime, video games mythologies in Switzerland.

At Maison d'Ailleurs in Yverdon les Bains - Switzerland, a very interesting art exhibition opened its doors last month. It is called Play Time, videogame mythology. The curator is José Luis de...

SoundCloud, the myspace killer?

One of the most fashionable words in 2011 was "cloud". And it will continue in 2012. After Apple's iCloud, another one growing very fast is SoundCloud. It is an online audio distribution...

Alfred Dunhill goes for Augmented Reality

After the launch of the new Alfred Dunhill campaign for Autumn/Winter 2011, now the brand is pushing the boundaries of the Voice campaign thanks to Augmented reality. In deed, thanks to a...

SwissTV, VOD (R)evolution

SwissTV is an interesting swiss offer for VOD, video on demand. Most of online offers are either not compatible with what you have at home - hardware - or too expensive and sometimes not appropriate. Switzerland has its ways and here we might see a nice (r)evolution. Check it out.

Versace Mobile phone: boring

Hi, this week, Versace revealed a Versace mobile phone called Versace Unique. It was developed in partnership with Mobilabs, a expert company on customized phones. Basically, they took a LG mobile phone and they have customized for the brand.

Honda new concept : U3-X

We can say that japanese people will always surprise us. Here is a total new concept made by Honda on what they call Personal mobility engine. It's name: the Honda U3-X.

iPad, more than a name…

Last dream come true at Apple : THE IPAD. How far can Apple go ? Well quite far actually.

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