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Exclusive Interview with Hélène Garcia-Duthilleul: More Than An Artist, An Enchantress.

Discover the exclusive interview with Hélène Garcia-Duthilleul. Artist and illustrator, she reveals a feminine, colorful and positive vision of life.

Exclusive Interview with Jean-Marie Schaller – CEO of Louis Moinet

The spirit of a luxury house is often represented by the personality and the charisma of its leader. Louis Moinet's CEO Jean-Marie Schaller translates this idea. LuxuryActivist had the opportunity and privilege to meet...

Fashion Roundup: Would You Shave Your Body For Kate Upton?

Are Dr. Martens’ boots making a comeback? The punk rock shoe brand have never really disappeared, but they are certainly not as popular as they were in the ’90s. Here are 12 polished designs that will make you want to rush out and buy a new pair of the classics: from a sleek gold boot to more sophisticated designs.

Fragrance words, episode 4: Pierre Aulas

For the second time this week, Fragrance words reveals the vision of aFragrance expert about perfumery trends. In this 4th episode, we discover the words of Pierre Aulas. As usual, the french...

Fragrance words episode 2, Elisabeth de Feydeau

Fragrance words is a web-serie of exclusive interviews. Twice a week we discover the vision of Perfumery experts on the Fragrance market this year, and also on future trends. You can find the original...

Vivienne Westwood… just another world.

Here is a extraordinary video from Fashion creator Vivienne Westwood. "I did not want to do fashion (...) it was to help a boyfriend of mine at that time called Malcom Mclaren...." Just...

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