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J’Adore The New Absolu by Christian Dior: An Ode To Sensuality And Beauty

J'Adore New Absolu,  A Lush And Elegant Concept Christian Dior revealed a new film about J'Adore the new Absolu and it is a true ode to sensuality, beauty and to all women after...

Friday Chronicle #9: the Fragrance Christmas battle, The “Vampire Ball”

Every Christmas, while Santa Claus is getting ready, the Fragrance industry prepares the end of the year sales program. Christmas represents berween 30 to 60% of annual sales for most of Fragrance...

Marilyn Monroe – Chanel 1 x Dior 0

When History and Marketing collides, there is only one who wins. And it is not Marketing. For this christmas Dior and Chanel are battling with one common weapon: Marilyn Monroe. The problem...

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