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Rare Tanzanite Discovery Makes Saniniu Laizer, aged 52 A Millionaire.

This month, the jewellery industry got hit by an exciting wave. 52 years old miner, Saniniu Laizer, has realized the dream of many miners: to find richness in the darkness...

How Rose Gold Became the New Black in Jewelry

Just like fashion, jewelry sees its own trends that change from season to season. If you’re looking to stay on-trend when it comes time to picking a stunning piece of jewelry, then...

Baselworld 2015 – Jewelry highlights

Baselworld is one of the biggest events in watch-making and Jewelry. For several jewelry brands it is a special moment that will allow them to present their best pieces and all the amazing know-how they have.

PietraDura reveals this fall “Clair Obscur”. Masterpieces.

A while ago we discovered an amazing jewelry brand called PietraDura. This fall, they launched a great collection called "Clair Obscur" which in french means "Clear Darker". When art meets jewelry, the...

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