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Why Red hair women are so trendy nowadays?

It is a fact, only 1% of world population has Red hair. It is the most uncommon hair among humans and it tends to disappear overtime. Because it is rare, it procured...

The Blick Girl, the myth of the girl-next-door.

Blick is a german-language daily newspaper in Switzerland. It is published in Zürich since 1959 by the communication group Ringier. And one of the most popular section in the newspaper is the famous...

Bulgari launches “Mon Jasmin Noir”.

Bulgari is launching a variant of Jasmin Noir called Mon Jasmin Noir. It is a more bright and lively version of the originalJasmin Noir. While in the first version, the Sambac Jasmine was playing its standing alone role, here it is another story.

Louis Vuitton: New flagship store in London

British fashionistas, you have now a new temple :Louis Vuitton, 17-20 New Bond Street, London W1.

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