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Church’s – A British Jewel in the Art of shoe-making. 

Church's story in shoe-making starts officially in 1873 with the foundation of the company by Thomas Church and his 3 sons. But the shoe-making heritage was already in the Church's family since...

JM Weston homage to Yves Klein… Le Moc Klein Blue.

JM Weston, the French luxury shoes creator just launched a new exciting project, an homage to Yves Klein. When 2 French creators universes meet, only the sublime can be reached.

J.M. Weston goes Neo-Punk with Charlie Casely-Hayford

There are trendy brands and there are brands which create trends. J.M. Weston is definitely a Brand and a luxury house that sets trends in terms of masculine elegance. This year the...

J. M. Weston, the new Dandy has arrived

In terms of Masculine elegance, J. M. Weston is definitely a reference. You can ask any man around the world to quote 2 or 3 Shoes brand and you can be sure...

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