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Galerie Du Griffon – The New “Window” of Editions Du Griffon in Neuchâtel.

Les Editions du Griffon is opening a new space within its historical location in Neuchâtel. The new "window" is called Galerie du Griffon and will be a versatile place for work, exhibitions...

Martial Raysse by Les Editions du Griffon – Neuchâtel : An exclusive subscription

Les Editions du Griffon - Neuchâtel will launch a new outstanding monography about Martial Raysse and for this occasion they just launched an exclusive subscription to a lithography highlighted with oil pastel by the artist. This is an unique opportunity, a one in a kind.

Tresors de mon Pays: read about Switzerland as you will never know it anymore.

Tresors de mon Pays: etween 1955 and 1990, Les Edition du Griffon published 165 books to (re) discover Switzerland in its intimacy and beauty. With a focused care in writing as to the quality of photos and reproduction, these are some 165 titles that offer a genuine insight into Switzerland, its traditions, its landscapes and its people.

Les Editions du Griffon, Swiss Publishing house for beautiful art books.

Les Editions du Griffon is an amazing Swiss Publishing House located in Neuchâtel. Since 1944 it became a world reference for art books and some of their monograph are true references for artists like Vasarely or Piza. Check our full review here.

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