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Longchamp opens the perspectives at MaMo in Marseille.

Involved in the artistic circles, the Longchamp House has been establishing partnerships with designers and artists since its origins. In 2016, after working with Ryan McGiness while renovating its historical flagship on...

Longchamp renovates its historical store at Rue Saint Honoré in Paris

The famous Parisian luxury goods brand Longchamp has just begun renovations of its historic store on rue Saint-Honoré in Paris, the brand's hometown. During the renovations, the store will be covered with...

Longchamp opens an amazing flagship store in Champs-Elysées Paris.

Longchamp opened a new Flagship store in the prestigious address of Champs Elysées in Paris (France). This new store represents all the Brand savor-faire at its best. It has a surface area of...

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