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Absolut Turns your night Electrik – 2015 Limited Edition.

This year, Absolut Vodka launched a new limited edition called Electrik. As a symbol of creativity ans energy, tue iconic bottle of Absolut Vodka gets a electrik blue and silver color. The aim of Absolut is to transform each evening with creativity and freedom. It is now a tradition that every year Absolut creates a surprising and outstanding limited edition with a cutting edge design and look.

Five golden rules to start a blog and be successful with it. 

With almost one billion websites and 2.9 billion internet users, the worldwide web became a huge spider-web that fighting to exist is like being a fly sticked in that web fighting not to get eaten by the big tarantulas. So here are 5 good pieces of advice that will save you a lot of time or even prevent you to start something that you might not be able to manage.

LuxuryActivist new website – released.

LuxuryActivist celebrates 5 years and launches a completely new website. New layout, new features and a luxury blog, sharp as the pen of the activist.

Four Places to Find Awesome Vintage Jewelry

There are so many amazing modern jewelry designers that make large and small piece to complement any outfit. I am a personal fan of Zoe Chicco’s pieces, as well as Nam Cho;...

An Online Magazine that gives you a Glimpse of the Luxurious Facet of Life

The age old way of reading magazines has taken a backseat with the arrival of online magazines. Among its many pros, an online magazine is the latest trend doing the rounds, and...

Keep Up with Luxury News

The world of luxury is a glamorous place with tons of gorgeous items that can help anyone shine in a crowd. Our luxury magazine has all kinds of amazing pieces that can...

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