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Swiss luxury report: millionaires per households: Switzerland is now number one!

The Early bird catches the worm! This is what popular culture says. But the one with loads of money as well, especially if he comes from Switzerland. In deed for the first...

Best luxury blogs per segment, sharp writing and beautiful minds

Fashion, beauty products, premium travel or luxury design are some of the topics that saw the rise of a new type of media, the Luxury blogs. Some of them became very popular worldwide and others went from the status of completely unknown to superstars. Here is a top 3 best blogs on the following segments based on the knowledge they produce, the impact they have as influencers and the interest of their profile.

Best Luxury news from 2013

Luxury Activist takes the holiday season as an opportunity for thematic flashbacks on the most popular articles, news and reviews of 2013. In this session, find here the 5 most popular articles...

Luxury News to Style You Up!

The world of luxury is sheer dynamic in nature. Every new minute it undergoes some elegant and ineluctable changes. Everyone struggles to keep up with such phenomenal changes in day-to-day life. Okay, if...

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