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Christine and the Queens: if Barbara was born in 1988 she would have been Heloïse Letissier.

The French music landscape has been painted in a new color thanks to the arrival of Christine and the Queens. Some say it is minimalistic, others essential. At LuxuryActivist we would say just two words: free and inspired.

Deaf Preachers, Rock & Energy at the maximum.

This month, discover Deaf Preachers. An amazing Rock band, between garage-rock and punk-rock. They have been playing since 2006 and the only word is: ENERGY. They are launching a new EP this...

Hélène Grimaud, Brahms Concertos – new album

Hélène Grimaud is probably one of the most gifted pianist of her generation. And this fall, she is presenting a new album called BRAHMS CONCERTOS. Pure Romance. It is the perfect pretext...

Elīna Garanča sings songs of love and despair.

Elīna Garanča is launching a new album in september 2012 called Romantique. A collection of songs of love and despair. According to Deutsche Gramophon it is an album for the fans! You can...

Lana Del Rey, purely essential.

Do you know Lana Del Rey? Well, you should because she is the next big thing. She is an American singer and song writer. You probably know her first big hit called...

Amy Winehouse – Lioness, Hidden treasures

In the music industry, you have artists that pass by, others make one big shot and are forever gone and others... become legends. This is the case of Amy Winehouse. After her...

Judas by Lady Gaga – Live performance

Here is the first live performance of Lady Gaga's Judas. This new song will be released on her new album Born this way. The album is scheduled for release on May 23, 2011. In this video you can see Lady Gaga at The Ellen Degeneres Show in the US. Enjoy.

Goldfrapp – New album Head First

Goldfrapp is finally back. After a quite longtime, they are back with a new brand album called Head First. It is the fifth album of the english group. Goldfrapp explains that this...

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