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AZ Factory: Welcome back Mr Elbaz. We missed you Amigo.

Alber Elbaz is back with his new brand AZ Factory. The new creations were designed to provide beautiful and clever solutions for the modern woman. Full Review.

Dunhill – The Voice campaign – 2011 a/w collection

Hi, There are 2 things that british people are really good on. Fashion and elegance and all of these with an attitude. These words could reflect the new campaign by the prestigious brand...

Marc Jacobs, new Louis Vuitton collection a/w 2011

Marc Jacobs 2011 A/W Louis vuitton collection. He explains the philosophy of creation of the new 2011 Autumn/winter collection. He proposes a classical scenario but with a modern style by the choice of the female models, the accessories (puppies) and the image displayed. It is almost a modern Bonnie and Clyde ambiance without the guns and without Clyde :-).

Hermes Birkin Bag revamped

f there is one mythical bag at Hermès, most of us would think about the Kelly bag. But, there is another one, chic, timeless trendy, for connoisseur. It is the Birkin Bag. And this bag has a story. Today, the Traditional Leather craftman house launches a new look for its Birkin bag. Definitely younger, active and modern. Will it be the next summer IT bag? Pretty sure it will be part of the list.

Diesel, from stupid to californian glamour…

Diesel new collection of swimsuits for this summer gets a nice advertising campaign. It is a glamourous evolution of their "Stupid" campaign. Welcome to the new Californian girls...

Calvin Klein X, hot summer…

Here is the new underwear collection of Calvin Klein, called X. It is quite unusual to see how strongly masculine sexy it is.

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