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My Top 3 Niche Fragrance Brands You Need To Know!

Discover 3 fragrance niche brands you need to know. They are my very best of 2021 so far. Creativity, story-telling and loads of talent united.

J’Adore The New Absolu by Christian Dior: An Ode To Sensuality And Beauty

J'Adore New Absolu,  A Lush And Elegant Concept Christian Dior revealed a new film about J'Adore the new Absolu and it is a true ode to sensuality, beauty and to all women after...

Made In Pigalle Reveals the Paris of Parisians – Fragrance Review.

While many fragrance brands are playing safe and keeping its footsteps into the conservative path of safe choices, some people try to dare something different, something with a soul. Meet MADE IN...

Puredistance WARSZAWA Perfume, masterpiece.

Puredistance is one of the most exclusive Perfume Houses in the world that offers only Pure Perfume Extrait. We put all our passion and energy into the making of one truly beautiful...

Why Aura Mugler is a great Mugler?

2017 is a great year for the fragrance industry. Among great launches of this year, Aura Mugler is definitely one to highlight. We have already written a full review that you can...

Friday Chronicle N.26: The “Mon” trend – Mon Guerlain, Mon Paris…. 

The Fragrance market is an amazing creative industry in which every year more than 400 new major products are launched. The best creative minds (and noses) of this world meet to create...

L’Homme Cologne Cedrat by l’Occitane. Gentleman’s signature.

Cédrat is probably one of the most mysterious citrus fruit. Also called Citron (do not be confused with Lemon), Cedrat was considered as one of the rarest fruits in Ancient times. We...

Victorinox eLLa receives the Swiss Packaging Award 2015

Receiving an award is always a pleasant thing. It shows the recognition of great work and the fact that people find interesting what you do. This year Victorinox received the Swiss Packaging Award 2015 for its fragrance Victorinox eLLa.

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