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Fame by Lady Gaga, different for sure…

The new Lady Gaga fragrance launch "FAME" is bursting all over the place. It started with an amazing launch event at Macy's New York and continues all over the world. Check here the...

Lady Gaga new video: Born this way

Check here the new Lady Gaga video for her new single: Born this way. We can say this lady knows how to rock the house and she is not copying anyone or following any trend. She is a Trend. The video clip ambiance is a very strange one. I would say, a sophisticated blend between 3 movies: Ghostbusters, Alien and Stargate.

Lady GaGa Alejandro : Full Version

Here the new Lady Gaga, Video clip for Alejandro. Full version. Check this out. The 21st century Isla Bonita?

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