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Boy Chanel, the ultimate love story by Gabrielle Chanel

Chanel is definitely one of the leading luxury brands in the world, representing the ultimate French luxury house. In fragrances, the brand has the iconic Chanel N.5 that has marked the history...

Balenciaga Paris – L’Essence

Balenciaga is launching a new fragrance under Balenciaga Paris line. It is called Balenciaga Paris l'Essence. It is a more intense version of the original fragrance, a more intimist approach. Charlotte Gainsbourg...

Bulgari launches “Mon Jasmin Noir”.

Bulgari is launching a variant of Jasmin Noir called Mon Jasmin Noir. It is a more bright and lively version of the originalJasmin Noir. While in the first version, the Sambac Jasmine was playing its standing alone role, here it is another story.

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