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Fragrance words episode 3, Yann Vasnier

Welcome to the third episode of Fragrance words. This time we discover the vision of Yann Vasnier, Perfumer at Givaudan New York. As usual, the french version is down below. EPISODE 3: YANN...

Manifesto, success or not?

Yves Saint Laurent Parfums is launching a new fragrance for women called Manifesto. We are not sure to understand everything. After the arrival (or should I say the return) of Hedi Slimane to...

Zadig & Voltaire Tome 1 La Pureté for him

Zadig & Voltaire, the french fashion Brand is launching in this beginning of the year a new fragrance duo called Zadig & Voltaire Tome 1 La Pureté for Her and for Him....

Chanel Chance, 3 new videos

Chanel launched 3 new videos about Chance, Chance Eau fraîche and Chance Eau Tendre. 3 fresh and interesting spots with a smile on top. We can see the top model Sigrid Agren. She...

YSL Opium new TV ad… just pure class.

This month, Yves Saint Laurent Parfums launched the new TV advertising for its incredible fragrance for women, OPIUM. It is by far the most elegant, luxury, divine, amazing and incredible high-class Tv Ad...

Bulgari launches “Mon Jasmin Noir”.

Bulgari is launching a variant of Jasmin Noir called Mon Jasmin Noir. It is a more bright and lively version of the originalJasmin Noir. While in the first version, the Sambac Jasmine was playing its standing alone role, here it is another story.

Thierry Mugler A*men new advertising

Hi, Thierry Mugler Parfum just revealed via the social networks, the new Advertising of his masculine fragrance A*men. In the ad, we can see a bionic runner, translated by the silhouette of...

Guerlain – Shalimar Parfum Initial

After the success of Chanel n°5 and its Eau Première, Guerlain is launching Shalimar Parfum Initial. The Fragrance was composed by Thierry Le Vasseur the In-house perfumer. The Fragrance was composed by Thierry Le Vasseur the In-house perfumer. All these first "chapters" give us a feeling of purity, of back to the Origins, to the truth, to the pure creation.

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