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Karsten Födinger at Palais de Tokyo in Paris.

The German artists sculpts, screws, glues, fixes, straps, wraps all different materials on his master pieces. Shards ofplaster, pieces of concrete left behind on the floor - the discretion of the partsreflects a subtle analysis of space while giving it an unusual character, as unfinished.

Citadium – The temple of StreetStyle in Paris

Who already went to Paris and visit Citadium? If you did go to Paris and did not visit Citadium, is because you are not interested in StreetCulture. Because in deed, Citadium IS...

Balenciaga Beauty? The Black & White Experience

After the very beautiful and successful launch of Balenciaga Paris, the new Fragrance of Balenciaga, now the brand has "Beauty Ambitions". They are launching 3 products under a very timeless luxury theme: Black & White.

Pergola at Palais de Tokyo in Paris

1916: Le Corbusier builds a « Villa Turque » (Turkish Villa), the Villa Schwob, flanked by a pergola, in La Chaux-de-Fonds (Switzerland)

Balenciaga and the timeless luxury

If we say Balenciaga is a very chic, timeless brand, we can not agree more.

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