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Exclusive Interview With Benny Tache: Instinctive And Passionate Photographer

Read our exclusive interview of Benny Tache, photographer and artist. He transcends images like a painter who transcends a landscape.

Fashion Roundup: Would You Shave Your Body For Kate Upton?

Are Dr. Martens’ boots making a comeback? The punk rock shoe brand have never really disappeared, but they are certainly not as popular as they were in the ’90s. Here are 12 polished designs that will make you want to rush out and buy a new pair of the classics: from a sleek gold boot to more sophisticated designs.

Aerial Photography Over the Big Apple

If you’re a photographer by passion or profession who hasn’t tried aerial photography, then you’re missing out on something. And if you are into it, then you know how amazing it can...

Divine Moments by Raghu Rai – Vacheron Constantin

The confidential Swiss Watch Manufacture Vacheron Constantin revealed this month an interesting art partnership with Raghu Rai. His new exhibition is called Divine moments and it is a beautiful enigmatic vision of...

Angel by Thierry Mugler, happy 20th anniversary!

The fragrance Angel by Thierry Mugler is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. From 1992 (its launch) and 2012, it was a real adventure, going from an extravagant dream towards the establishment...

Lady Gaga – Terry Richardson shooting

Supreme is creating an international buzz around their spring/summer photo shooting. In deed, they took the most sulfurous people on earth to work together: The photographer Terry Richardson and the artistl: Lady Gaga.

Sabine Pigalle, body in white

Sabine Pigalle, when sophistication goes with purity and when sacred goes with pagan...

Sally Mann, Photographer of a life time

She is very well known for her work on family (her own) and her home land, Virginia. Her work generated a lot of controversia because of the uncomfortable reactions the photos caused.

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