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TED, Lucy McRae and how technology changes the human body.

TED Fellow Lucy McRae is a body architect -- she imagines ways to merge biology and technology in our own bodies. In this visually stunning talk, she shows her work, from clothes...

Lenny Kravitz, We love to entertain you – Pro7

Pro7, pronounce Prosieben is a private german TV channel broadcasting since 1989 in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Their leitmotiv is "WE LOVE TO ENTERTAIN YOU". For the past 2 years they have...

The Luxury Channel, high class broadcasting

This week, I came across the website of the Luxury Channel. It is a new and exciting multimedia platform. It provides compelling, high quality TV programming and videos, trendsetting online editorial, and an...

Parvez Taj, The white Barn Collection

Parvez Taj, canadian artist, has released a collection of 50 artworks called the white Barn Collection. A series of hanging wall art pieces using reclaimed wood siding scored from white barns around the...

Valeur Absolue – Absolute elegance

coming soon in 2013. Keep posted by checking the brand website: http://www.valeurabsolue.com    LA   Info sourced at the brand website. All content is copyrighted with no reproduction rights available.

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