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Birdy Kids at ArtShop Lausanne – Must see!

Lausanne will shine with bright and vibrant colors from tonight. Birdy Kids are in town. Always on the cutting edge of art, Virginie Bridy and her trendy ArtShop in Lausanne present an exhibition of some chosen artwork of street artists Birdy Kids.

Street culture, when style meets sportswear

Fashion can be a very serious business. Several codes, references, ways you do things and things you do not do. Of course there is also a lot of creativity, freedom and imagination....

Karmaloop, fashion street culture.

Discover Karmaloop.com, an anti-conservative and counter-cultural fashion website proposing different brands under the same philosophy: keep you away of fashion standardization. They have selected brands and some of them you might not...

Vintage T-Shirt, a T-book?

This month was launched a book called Vintage T-Shirt. It was written by 3 masters of Vintage T-shirt in Hollywood, Patrick and Marc Guetta with the help of fashion magazine editor Alison Nieder. Mr and Mr Guetta are the legendary owners of a store called World of Vintage T-Shirts.

Lady Gaga – Terry Richardson shooting

Supreme is creating an international buzz around their spring/summer photo shooting. In deed, they took the most sulfurous people on earth to work together: The photographer Terry Richardson and the artistl: Lady Gaga.

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