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Five Books You Need To Read This Summer

Here are my 5 top books to read this summer. The estival season is a great moment to relax and think about something else than work. Time to disconnect.

Summer reading: the top 5 books to read during your holidays

Ready for your holidays? You probably started thinking about what should you place in your luggage and if your body still fits into your swimsuit. Well, before getting into this naughty consideration,...

Top 5 books to read this summer, our editor’s choice.

Summer is here and it is always the same question: Which books should I read during my summer break? Here is our editor's choice - our top5 books for this summer. Books for chill-out moments that will change your mind and provide you great moments during your summer holidays. Eclectic choices like our Luxury blog.

Top 5 books to read this summer

When summer arrives, holidays are not far. During holidays you can take your time to do what you always wanted to do. Sometimes, a good book under a tree or just laying...

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