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Today’s world is so fast-paced that people seem to be in a hurry to get somewhere all the time. Speed appears to be so crucial that many people fail to see the beauty of their surroundings if they even try to look at it all. 

The world is so beautiful, and you need to appreciate its beauty before it disappears right before your eyes. Sometimes taking the long route can show you the world from a better perspective, and traveling by train can give you that. 

Australia is a beautiful continent, and there are so many beautiful places to see and adventures to experience. The cities and destinations of this massive land can be traveled by plane, car, or train. If you’re in a hurry, you can take a plane and get to your destination fast. But if you have plenty of time, traveling via a luxury Aussie trains will let you see the beauty and splendor of each town and city the train will pass through. To give you an idea, here are the most luxury train travel adventures in Australia:

1. The Great Southern

The Great Southern luxury train travel allows you to see the splendor of southeast Australia as you travel along rustic towns and beautiful vineyards and catch the splendid sunset along the coastlines of Coffs harbor. 

You may choose from packages that start at 3-days two-nights or a much longer one that spans a ten-day nine-nights. Each excursion begins in Adelaide and ends in the beautiful capital city of Queensland, Brisbane. The trip starts with complimentary tea, coffee, or champagne at the terminal, where live music will also greet guests boarding the trip. 

Each cabin comes with a seat that the crew converts into a bed at night. Depending on your cabin, you may get a bathroom or a sink to keep yourself clean that comes with upscale amenities that include lotion, shampoo, conditioner, and other essentials. Moreover, the cabin also has tables, cabinets, and a charging dock for your devices. In addition, the cabin window has blinds that you can put up to gaze at the scenery outside. 

The lounge and restaurant of the train offer sumptuous meals that the chef prepares using ingredients from the region the train traverses. They also serve Wagyu beef and have a fully stocked bar with an impressive wine collection. Additionally, they have a coffee bar and a barista who can prepare delicious lattes and cappuccinos for you if you prefer coffee. 

You can also experience The Great Southern stops at Canberra, where you can choose several out-of-train adventures, such as a visit to the Australian war memorial, National Portrait Gallery, or a trip to the Parliament House. You can also have a sumptuous lunch while you’re there before going back to your train.

2. Indian Pacific

You can enjoy a holiday rail travel from the cosmopolitan city of Sydney to the largest city of Western Australia, Perth. It is called Indian Pacific as you will be able to travel from the Indian Ocean on the west to the Pacific Ocean to the east, traversing the transcontinental route and witnessing the majestic arid deserts, lush mountains, and rocky valleys of this beautiful continent. 

This 4,352-kilometer rail crossing is one of the longest uninterrupted rail links globally, currently at number four. What’s remarkable about this trip is that you get to have a piece of historical perspective traveling the old towns and cities. It is also a chance to enjoy gourmet wine and experience dining onboard and out-of-train as you hop off Adelaide. 

You may follow the guided tour, or you can explore the town by yourself. Just make sure to come back at the designated time. But why stay away from the group when you can meet new people and have new friends, right?


3.The Ghan

The Ghan travels to the heart of Australia with three different routes. You may take Adelaide to Darwin, Adelaide to Alice Springs, and Darwin to Alice Springs. Regardless of the route you choose, each journey will explore the Australian outback. The impressive and diverse region will show you historic sites and majestic rock formations that some people compare to the surface of the planet Mars. 

The Ghan is considered one of Australia’s national treasures because of its deep historical connection. The name may have been derived from the Afghan express to honor the Afghan camel drivers who arrived in the late nineteenth century. 

The off-train experiences explore the rich culture of the early tribes of Australia and a visit to majestic National parks like the Kakadu and Nitmiluk National Parks. In addition, you can upgrade your off-train adventure with an unforgettable helicopter ride to witness the stunning view of the National parks mentioned. 

The Alice Springs stop lets you explore the historic town and its famous landmarks such as the Telegraph station and the Tropic of Capricorn marker. At night, you may dine under the stars and savor gourmet meals and the best selection of wines the region has to offer. 


Sometimes it’s the journey that teaches you a lot about your destination. You can enjoy the vast expanse of Australia through various luxury means. The comfort of traveling in this day and age allows everyone, even the old, to have new experiences checked off their bucket list. If possible, you should try to experience the art and luxury of travel by boarding one of these luxury trains. For sure, it would be worth your time and money.