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An opportunity to visit Whistler, British Columbia (BC) is already amazing on its own—but a luxurious trip to this top Canadian destination? Yes, please. Who wouldn’t want to travel in style as you enjoy the famous resort town that boasts of exciting summer activities and outdoor fun? You’re surely not one to pass up such a delightful circumstance. 

When it comes to a glam getaway, you can count on the magnificent town of Whistler to offer nothing but enjoyment, relaxation, and adventure. Whether it’s your first time or not to visit this super destination known for its thrilling winter and summer activities, here are several ways you can enjoy your luxurious trip to Whistler, BC: 

1. Look For An Ultimate Accommodation 

A great vacation starts and ends with an ultimate accommodation where you get to lay your tired mind and body after a fulfilling day of adventure and memories. As such, it’s only noteworthy to look for the best there is, such as luxury condo rentals. Rentals might be better if you yearn for exclusivity, premium comfort, and superb amenities.  

Luxe lodging is highly recommended if you want to stay within your comfort zone and definition of a luxurious trip. Whether vacationing with a special someone, the entire gang, or your close-knit family, the type of accommodation you choose can make or break your holiday. So, if you want to make the best out of your trip, be careful when choosing where to book your accommodation. Remember, you’re in for a luxurious stay and not something mediocre or so-so. 

You could look for condo rentals that offer large bedrooms with all the modern amenities you can think of. Of course, there needs to be a stunning view from any angle of the place, and every corner should speak of nothing but top-notch comfort and luxury. 

2. Be Sure To Bring Your Swoon-Worthy Outfits 

What’s another great thing to do when traveling aside from relaxing and spending time with your favourite people? Taking pictures, what else? Your photos would look more beautiful if you were wearing your swoon-worthy outfits that’ll keep heads turning in your every move.  

No matter what activities you plan to do for your vacation, pack wisely and stylishly. Shop for your other essentials before the travel date to ensure you won’t forget anything. From your high-end coats to chic sporting attires, be sure to plan your ensembles in a striking and trendy way. And oh, don’t forget your sparkling accessories, aka jewellery and purses. 

3. Do All The Activities You Can 

Whistler, BC isn’t only known as a luxurious destination. It’s also famous for premium activities you can do to make the most out of your stay. No Whistler trip can ever be complete without experiencing its must-do recreational pursuits. Skiing, for one, is an activity you should definitely try, especially since the town is home to several top ski resorts in North America. 

To go all out on your luxurious ski experience, you can hire an exclusive tour guide to show you where you can find the best viewpoint and champagne powder to make your ski adventure even more one for the books. And since you’re already on a skiing escapade, consider trying other ski activities such as heli-skiing and cat-skiing. 

Another luxurious activity you can do is flightseeing—a whole new level of sightseeing from a different and higher perspective (literally.) You can book private flightseeing tours in Whistler, BC, that involve riding either a helicopter or a floatplane. After your fair share of stunning views and adrenaline-pumping experience, you could ask the pilot to drop you off the glacier to try snow biking, heli-hiking, or a sumptuous picnic on top of the snowy hills because, well, why not? 

4. Pamper Yourself For The Perfect Indulgence 

When your body’s already aching after all the tiring but fun activities you’ve done for the day, there’s undoubtedly no other better idea than to relax and pamper yourself in one of the luxurious spas in Whistler, BC. Imagine recharging under the Nordic waterfall or soaking in a rooftop hot tub as you marvel at the magnificent and calming view of the outdoor scenery. Indeed, no other luxurious trip can come close to such a pleasant experience. 

A complete spa package might also interest you if you’re the pampering type who loves the best things life has to offer. Such packages include several premier treatments and add-ons such as the Finnish sauna, a deep tissue massage, or hydrotherapy. 

A Trip To Luxuriously Remember 

Whistler is the place to be if you want to enjoy an outdoor escape luxuriously. This resort town has so much to offer from its opulent accommodation services, first-class spas and resorts, and extraordinary activities you can’t easily find or experience anywhere else. For future plans to visit Whistler, you can keep the list above for reference.

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