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While half of the world is currently deep in the winter season, the weather will warm up again soon enough and you’ll be able to plan your next outdoor trip. Dreams of camping under the stars may seem far off, but it will happen before you know it. So, why not begin planning for your next expedition, and make a list of the best outdoor gear available? The humble thermal shirt or roll up sleeping bag have become far more sophisticated, and it’s well worth your while to research the luxurious gear you could use for your next trip. Here are a few tips on how you can find top notch gear without over paying or getting shortchanged on the quality. 

Try a Gear Library

This may sound a bit far fetched, but hear us out. Much in the same way that there are local libraries from which we borrow books, there are places where one can check out whatever type of gear they need and return them once they’re due. A gear library can be found in most states, but you do need to be a member in order to enjoy access to the handy equipment they have in stock. Some of these groups are part of youth-oriented organizations such as the girl scouts, or are community driven through the Boys and Girls Club.

You’re also bound to find outdoor enthusiasts in your town who have started their own gear library for other nature loving aficionados in their community; a quick search should help point you in the right direction. There tends to be a monthly subscription fee, or a one-time membership fee to join. If you can’t find a gear library somewhere close to you, then try starting one yourself; you’d be filling a large gap. You’re bound to find other people who share your interests and wouldn’t mind lending their gear out in exchange for someone else’s tools for their next trip. This is a great way of spreading the most useful yet luxurious goods around in our communities and on the market without having to spend a ton.


Hit Winter Sales

Another excellent way of trying out luxurious goods without having to spend an arm and a leg is to zero in on all the winter sales. We have Black Friday, Cyber Monday, the deluge of post-Christmas sales, and a whole lot more. As an added bonus, you can search for different discount codes available online. The variety available at can give you a good idea of what kind of coupons you can use. By simply googling a store’s name and “coupon” next to it, you’re bound to find something. Also, don’t forget that most retailers these days offer a ten or fifteen percent discount once you sign up for their mailing list, so be sure to take advantage of that. 

Rent Local

Instead of buying the latest product, try renting them out from your local sporting goods store. Renting is, of course, cheaper than actually buying a product. You’d also be supporting a local business. Local sporting goods stores are especially great because the owners are specialists in the local area, and will be able to assess which items are definitely necessary for you to take on your trip. It’s also an excellent way to take a luxury good out for a test run before deciding to buy it. Few things are worse than buying an expensive piece of equipment, only to find that it isn’t relevant to your needs, or unwieldy and too uncomfortable for you and your family members to use. Getting a try out period can go a long way in minimizing buyer’s remorse. 

Whether you’re a newbie to the beauty of exploring the great outdoors, or an old hat who is looking to find ways to upgrade their equipment, you’re bound to find something new and wonderful on the market to use. However, before spending a lot of money, it pays to do a bit of research and figure out smart ways of saving your coin for something you really love.

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