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With the winter season finally coming to a close, it is about time to start thinking about how you want to spend your summer. If, like so many others, your first thought for the summer is a nice relaxing holiday, then this is the article for you. Below are four helpful tips to help you plan the best, stress free holiday you can.

Information on Travelling

Given the current state of the world, it is currently inadvisable for you to begin planning holidays abroad. In fact, unless you are fully vaccinated, you are likely to run into issues travelling even within the US. So your first port of call should be to check the state, or territorial, and local health department where you are, and where you would like to go.

Luxury Location

If you are sure you can travel, or maybe you are planning for once this all blows over, then you can safely move on to considering the options available to you. You should probably still plan to travel within the US itself, but that does not mean you will not have a wide and vibrant variety of choices. From Northern Vermont to The Monterey Bay in California to Miami, there is no shortage of exciting options for travel within the states.

Bring Your Car

One benefit of staying within the US is that it allows you to bring your car with you wherever you decide to go. Hiring a car or trying to get around without one can be one of the most irritating and nerve-wracking aspects of any holiday, which is why using your own can be so refreshing. There are a couple of ways that you can do this.

The first is pretty obvious, you just drive wherever you have decided to go on holiday. Hoorah, you have now brought your car with you. However, depending on where you are going and where you live, this kind of drive can be a real slog. If you are looking for a quick, easy and relaxing holiday experience, then you will probably want to get your car to your holiday destination another way.

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This is where companies like Guardian Auto Transport come in. These companies will move your car across state for you and drop it off wherever you may need it, allowing you to bring your vehicle with you on holiday without having to deal with an endless drive yourself.

Package Deals

The final word in easy luxury holidays have to be package deals, and in the world of package deals the all-inclusive resort is the crème de la crème. After all, who doesn’t want to stay at a resort where your every need will be provided for and everything has already been paid. What this means is, if you want an easy and relaxing holiday, you should definitely be considering an all-inclusive resort. It is easy to assume these resorts all exist in faraway tropical locations, but actually some of the best all-inclusive resorts exist in the United States. So, when you are planning your summer holidays within the US, it might be worth considering which states house these incredible places.

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