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The term ‘Made in Swiss’ carries a lot of meaning in terms of quality and class. Now the same Swiss quality is available in the domain of aviation as well.


This month, a new SWISS non-stop flight ‘Airbus A340-300’ has been launched that connects Singapore to Switzerland. The airline with its origin in Switzerland makes sure that it fulfills the legacy worthy of the name. The service from SWISS is expected to be top notch and same applies for its performance. The SWISS ‘First’ and ‘Business’ goes an extra mile to impress. Singapore to Switzerland is a long flight with time duration of nearly 13 hours. This means that the comfort level has to be exceptional for luxury travelers.

As far as the luxury perspective is concerned, the SWISS Business has flat beds which are two meters in length and have adjustable air cushions. Imagine the comfort of sleeping the moment the flight takes off from Singapore and waking up to a lovely breakfast in Zurich. This is Swiss finesse at its best.


The level of privacy provided in the Business class is also good which ensures higher quality of rest with least amount of disturbance. Luxury travelers would be able to focus on their work in flight as a result.

Another thing that is part of the luxury in the airline is the introduction of cloud based applications for the travelers. Cloud storage has emerged as a wonderful alternative where providers allow unlimited data storage in remote host facilities.

Opting for cloud storage means that bigger industries like aviation can be more efficient in different tasks. For example, the maintenance portion of the aviation industry can be made more productive because aviation tools like the ones available at Skygeek Tools, can make use of the external storage solution to communicate data from any remote location.

Keeping this goal in mind, the SWISS has a number of projects in pipeline to have fast bandwidth WiFi access in-flight. The tech avenue is also something that the airline is working on to match with its routine luxury standards.


Those who’ve already traveled in the new SWISS airbus would know of its hospitality. Each passenger is treated in a privileged manner and greeted with a number of indigenous items like the famous Swiss chocolates. The local Swiss cuisine in itself is a value added experience from SWISS airline.


Apart from the travel, when the passenger lands in Zurich, the arrivals itself is quite refreshing. The SWISS First and Business travelers can expect a wonderful time at the Arrival Lounge where they’ll be served fresh breakfast.

To cap it all, the timings of the flight is also ‘Swiss’ quality. The airline does its best to live up to the reputation of ensuring efficiency. This is done by providing adjusted flight schedules. The latest flight that goes from Singapore to Zurich departs at 23:10 and lands in Zurich at 6:10 the next day. The same applies for the Zurich to Singapore flight which has the same night flight benefit.

So when the traveler lands in Zurich, they can proceed to the destination of their choice or go visit a luxury exhibition!

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