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Every year it is always the same story: I am traveling to a certain destination and wonder which travel guide book should I choose. From Lonely Planet to the Louis Vuitton city guides, sometimes we have the feeling there is always something missing. This year you can discover the 4 Cities travel collection by Taschen.


It is an original, compact yet complete travel guide collection based on 4 important destinations in the world: Paris, London, Berlin and New York. Each city gets 3 guides by theme: Hotels, Bars and Restaurants, Shopping. Thanks to these guides, you will live and experience like if you were an inhabitant of one of these cities. Many tips, insider advices and beautiful pictures in order to describe the best experience you can get from these destinations.


Here are some snapshots from inside the books, as you can see, the images and the layout is really stylish and will represent the perfect travel companion.

taschen-4-cities-2 taschen-4-cities-2

For each address, you have several pictures taken specially for the guide. They will give you a good feeling of the ambiance and the lifestyle.

Taschen-4-cities-Berlin Taschen-4-cities-London Taschen-4-cities-Paris

Many newspapers critics brought a very positive opinion in these guides. Here a summary of a couple of them, so that it might convince you even more:

Finally, some guides you’ll relish whipping out on a city corner. German publisher TASCHEN has created easy-to-tote version of its stylish coffee-table travel guides for London, Paris, Berlin and New York. The boxed TASCHEN 4 Cities contains 12 volumes, each packed with food, lodging or shopping picks for a destination. The maps are colorful and hand-drawn; descriptions are in English, German and French.“— Wall Street Journal, New York, United States

TASCHEN make beautiful, strokeable books (seriously, try it) and this latest travel compendium is no exception…Ok, so you might not be going to the States for a weekend but for extensive tips about where to eat, stay, drink and what to do in between, at 150 North American location can be just as useful on a longer roadtrip. If you’re more of a shorthaul typo, the European version is due next year. If you’re a diehard homebody, just enjoy the beautiful illustrated and designed pages from you coffee table.”— Esquire website, London, United Kingdom

«Réunis en un coffret, voici douze guides passant au crible quatre villes incontournables: Paris, Londres, Berlin et New York. Pour chaque destination, trois entrées: un guide boutiques, un guide restaurants, bars et cafés, un guide hôtels. Une sélection pointue chic, arty tendances, des photos, des adresses…Bref, le top en poche bien dans le style TASCHEN, débordant de couleurs et d’effets visuels.»— Elle, Paris, France

To make the experience of these Travel guides even more elegant and practical, Taschen created a coffret-box in order to collect each book. 12 books, soft covers with 1536 pages.

Taschen-4-Cities-Coffret-box-mood Taschen-4-Cities-Coffret-box

The author and editor is Angelika Taschen. She studied art history and German literature in Heidelberg, gaining her doctorate in 1986. Working for TASCHEN from 1987 to 2010, she has published numerous titles on art, architecture, photography, design, travel, and lifestyle.

To see more information about this amazing collection or to buy it, please connect to the Taschen dedicated website here: 

You can also read another interesting article about it on by Sacha.

The more we travel, the better.


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