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The Swiss brand Victorinox launched a new collection of cutting edge luggage called the Spectra collection. One of the most light-weight yet resistant luggage collection in the market.

When I decided to buy a new luggage for my Asian travel this month, I looked around and try to find the best equation between Quality, Design, functionality and innovation. Not an easy choice as most of the time, we think that the heaviest and the ugliest the better for a strong luggage. Well, the Travelgear industry is a very competitive market and light-weight and reliability are keywords for the today’s traveler. I compared 4 brands: Samsonite, Tumi, Delsey and Victorinox.

What were my needs?

– Stylish and elegant
– Light-weight
– Strong (I wanted to invest for the next 10 years)
– 4 wheels (trust me when you get use to it, you cannot live without)
– Black or Grey color.

My choice went to the new Victorinox Spectra collection. And as I was traveling for at least 10 days to Asia, I bought the 29″ one in Black. According to my own check list, it has the perfect combination.

  • Size: 46w x 75h x 27d cm  or   18.2″w x 29.7″h x 10.6″d
  • Weight: 3.9 Kg or 8.7 lb
  • Comfort grip, one-touch, dual-trolley aluminum handle system
  • 8-wheel construction adds stability, providing 360° maneuverability and producing zero weight-in-hand when rolling upright
  • Zippered mesh divider wall stretches for easy packing
  • Y-shaped compression straps cover a greater surface area to keep folded items secure
  • Top and side haul handles for easy carrying
  • Integrated Travel Sentry® Approved lock allows U.S. TSA screeners to open the lock without destroying it, and relock it after inspection
  • Swiss Tracker™ Bag Tracking Program will reunite you with your bag anywhere in the world should it ever be lost – for free
  • The Access™ Lock Combination Recovery Program allows you to register your lock combination on and recover it if it is ever forgotten
  • Removable ID tag for security and convenience
  • Covered by the Travel Gear Lifetime Warranty (and this is just amazing)

So, while I was packing, I got the idea to follow my new luggage path all along the way from Zürich to Singapore, then to Shanghai and finally back to Zürich. This would represent a life-test of my new purchase and I was hoping that the result would be great. And I can tell you that I am quite impressed. Check it out.

LAUSANNE, 12.NOVEMBER 2011 – 13:35

Victorinox Spectra at home

As we can see, it really looks outstanding. I felt quite excited to travel with such piece of Swiss-inspired engineering and design.


Victorinox Spectra in the train

Taking the train with this light-weight luggage was a piece of cake. I could easily find my way to the train, get in and find a nice place for it as it is also very compact. I started then having the first people looking at it (felt proud).


Victorinox Spectra at Zürich Airport

Here I am at the Lufthansa check in desk. 26Kg. According to my experience with my old luggage, I should have had at least 30Kg according to all the items I had with me. So I can see that with the Victorinox Spectra I can have as much as items I am use to but in a more compact and lighter option. Bye, bye, see you in Singapore.

Victorinox Spectra by LuxuryActivist Singapore style


Victorinox Spectra at Singapore Airport

Here I am, 12 hours later in Singapore Airport. I was happy to see my new Spectra arriving safe. Everything looked well. Singapore here I come.


Victorinox Spectra at Carlton Hotel in Singapore

I got an interesting comment from the groom who brought my luggage to my bedroom. He said I had a very nice luggage as it was easy to handle and looked cool. I stayed almost a week in Singapore. I love this place. So “Fifth Element style”.


Victorinox Spectra at Singapore Airport on the go

Here I am litteraly sliding with my Spectra 29″ towards Singapore Airline desk to check in my luggage to Shanghai. I was definitely comfortable thanks to the eight wheels and their 360 degrees handling.

Victorinox Spectra by Luxury Activist Shanghai style


Victorinox Spectra at Shanghai Airport

After 5 hours of a very pleasant flight, here I am in Shanghai Airport. It is already late and luckly my luggage arrived among the first ones. So far so good, everything is fine. Taxi and check in at the Sheraton Shanghai near Xianxia Road.


Victorinox spectra at Sheraton Shanghai

In Shanghai I had a meeting with the Shanghai Fashion Institute and I brought some important items for them. I was happily surprised to see how well protected they were inside the Victorinox Spectra. I could then do my meeting without problems. Shanghai is an amazing city that makes you feel that other cities like New york or Paris belong to the past… really.


Victorinox Spectra in Shanghai Airport checkin

After a couple of great days in Shanghai, here I am in a sunday early in the morning at Shanghai Airport to check in my Victorinox Spectra at the Swiss desk, destination: back home. Strangely I had 28Kg. I am always surprised to see how heavier your luggage gets on the return way to home 🙂


Victorinox Spectra in Zürich Airport return

After 12 hours flight here I am back to Switzerland. I must confess that I was so tired that I slept 10 hours!! I love Swiss Business class seats 🙂 I recovered my luggage perfectly transported. So last step: the train back to Lausanne.


Victorinox Spectra in swiss train

On my way back home, I had 2 hour train to Lausanne. As you can see in the picture here above, the Victorinox Spectra fits in every compartment. It was the first time I could place my 10 days travel gear up there!!!

In conclusion, I really recommend the new Victorinox Spectra collection. If you are looking for a great Travel gear in which you can find different needs, you definitely need to check this collection. The brand made a very cool video about this new product. It could be a new Apple or Sony product. Check it here:

For more details, check the official mini-website about it:



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