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By looking at a gentleman’s watch, you can tell a lot about him before he opens his mouth. Not only are luxury watches expensive, they require care and attention throughout their years. There are a number of reasons why you should invest in a high class watch. Status is one of the most obvious. Many believe that business men and woman can be judged on wealth and status based on their choice of watch. Not only are watches easily seen, but they are a display of a person’s style and economic status. Depending on the height of your success, it is often expected that a trustworthy businessman/woman invests in a unique timepiece that explicitly displays their wealth and value within their business.

Wearing your Wealth

In most cases, it is only you and your banker that will see the money that you have in your account. Depending on your geographical location, if you live or are doing business in a country with a volatile government, carrying cash isn’t always the best way of showing off your wealth. This is why many businessmen buy luxury goods such as watches and jewellery as a form of currency. Watches are a worldwide symbol of wealth, from Rolex to Piaget, something as small as a timepiece can extremely valuable. When investing in a watch that is crafted with precious metal, it not only becomes a distinct piece of luxury jewellery but the materials it is made of are an extremely valuable investment.


What is a Watch Worth?

Ariel Adams, Editor of a Blog To Watch is an expert in horology and knows exactly how much you should be spending on a luxury piece:

“You should not spend more than you can afford on a watch. If you can afford a lot for a new watch that is all the better, but if you are pushing yourself only to think you can later resell your watch and recoup your investment, it might be worth managing your exceptions a bit. They don’t call them luxury watches for nothing.”

Ariel has advised that if you are looking for a classic mid-range mechanical Swiss watch, that you should spend $5,000 – $10,000. From there, the luxury market is limitless and if you are someone that believes that you cannot put a price on happiness, extravagant watch brands are definitely for you.


Artistry and Watch Design

“A great watch is like a museum piece, but this is a work of art you can actually wear”

The quote above was said by a man of great taste and style,  Edward Faber, the owner of Manhattan’s Aaron Faber Gallery. The lines between style and art are very thin, and much like great pieces of art, for centuries watches have been made for some of the world’s most influencial people. Whether you are looking to invest in a vintage or modern timepiece, a watch is not only an accessory but something that can be passed down from generation to generation. Horology enthusiasts are often drawn to vintage timepieces, as they have endless amounts of history behind them. Not only are vintage timepieces extremely authentic, they often have story behind them: Where has it came from? Who was it made for? And during what period of time? Over the year’s watches may have advanced in technology, but the art of watchmaking has never died. Although the millennial market has lots to over, those who believe in tradition and classic watch design may reap more value from a vintage timepiece.

Timeless Appeal

A vintage timepiece has the ability to remind its owner of a time and place, evoking extreme nostalgia and emotion.  Military watches are excellent antiques as they often tell a story from over a hundred of years ago. Antique designs may require TLC such as vintage watch restoration, however, preserving precious memories, is something that money cannot buy. Vintage Watch Restoration specialists, Repairs By Post, believe that “vintage timepieces hold a lot of emotion with their owners and often these rare pieces are irreplaceable”. With this said, if your timepiece doesn’t reach a certain standard, then it could be a waste of your money. An expert horologist would advise that if a vintage timepiece does not reach B rating mark, forget about it. The ratings for vintage watches go as the following:

  • AAA = Excellent Condition
  • AA = Very Good
  • A = Good
  • B = Fair


Investing in a Opulent and Timepiece

Investing in a luxury timepiece will not be a one of cost. When one invests in any type of luxury jewellery, they should expect the maintenance that will come with precious metal and design. When buying a luxury timepiece, it is worth remembering that a beautiful timepiece must be serviced over the years. A watch is often passed down through families and if given the right care, they have the ability to last multiple lifetimes. If watches are a traditional gift within your family, you will understand their worth as an air loom. A high class watch that is crafted with passion and extreme attention to detail, should be cared for in the appropriate manner. Make sure you are sending your luxury watch to a professional. It is recommended that you always send your watch to a specialist horologist who will treat your timepiece with the respect and care it was created with.

Melissa Lang

Melissa Lang works for Repairs By Post. Repairs By Post specialise in luxury watch repair and vintage watch restoration. 


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