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Anyes Galleani is an Italian-born artist & photographer based in Los Angeles. She uses photomontage and collage to create unique images and mixed media art.

Anyes Galleani

Raised on the beautiful Italian Riviera, Anyes moved to the US at 21 to pursue a degree in film & photography. Her keen eye for beauty and composition led to her career as a fashion and celebrity photographer. Soon, she was working with many leading actors, high profile companies and national publications, including W magazine, the Bebe stores, Paramount pictures, Bruce Willis and Demi Moore.


Anyes’ early photomontages were created by overlaying and hand-painting 35mm transparencies. The originality of her work opened the door to an array of new opportunities, from gallery shows to exciting design, internet and video projects. Video captured Anyes’ imagination, and, for several years, she enjoyed shooting and directing artistic fashion and branding videos.


In 2007, Anyes rekindled her passion for photography while working on a project exploring the contrast between women’s outer beauty and inner conflicts. The work culminated in her show “Beyond Beauty,” in August of that year, and inspired her new path as an artist.
Since then, her evocative images have been featured in several magazines, venues and exhibits and have been complementing residential, commercial and corporate environments. However, Anyes has always been looking for a more organic way to display her images than traditional prints, resulting in working with mixed media.


In 2011, she put together her first collection of paintings and participated in three group shows to a welcome response from her audience. The art combines her sophisticated flair for beauty with elements typical of downtown Los Angeles, where she has been living and working for over 20 years, such as paint drips and worn-out surfaces. It’s edgy, colorful and reminiscent of street art, and represents a far more organic way to express her multimedia talents.

Her favorite materials: Wood panels, acrylic paint, thin paper, transparent paper,my journals pages, pink paint, yellow paint, silver paint,worn out textures, paint drips.

There is a hint of a modern Andy Warhol on Anyes Galleani’s work. A sensitive expression of our era dominated by Mass-Media and urban environments. There is also an exquisite femininity revealed and hidden by the artistic work, sometimes influenced by fashion, cosmetics or purely art portraits. It is modern, fresh, edgy and colorful at the same time.


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