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espace arlaud lausanne switzerlandLast friday Luxury Activist was invited to Catherine Bolle Vernissage. She is a Swiss artist, born in Lausanne where she still live and work. The Vernissage took place at Espace Arlaud, one of the oldest Museums of Lausanne. During the years it became a flexible place for different exhibitions.Catherine Bolle portrait
From February until April 2012, Catherine Bolle work will be exhibit in the rooms of Espace
Arlaud. From her beginning up to today. She is a multi-talented artist, working with different techniques like engraving, painting, drawing, books… but also different materials like acrylic, glass, metal or paper.

The artist, who regularly does her engravings at Raymond Meyer Workshop in Pully / Lausanne, implement often some projects and exhibitions both in Switzerland and abroad: Office Cantonal Stamp Museum in Vevey, Graphische Sammlung ETH-Zurich, Galerie Alice Pauli Lausanne, Abbey Bellelay, Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris, Museo de Arte y Diseño Contemporáneo San Jose, Costa Rica. In particular, the visual conducted for several months, extensive research on plants and pollens of Serres of Paris and the Jardin des Plantes.

catherine bolle de l'oeuvre au livreAt Espace Arlaud, 2 rooms will present her large canvases paintings, installations of glass and polymer, her architectural interventions, her artist’s books and other works. At the vernissage we could see very interesting works done previously but also some works on going, which brought us a little bit into the intimacy of the artist creation. This is very generous of her as normally artists do not allow anyone to see a “half-way work”.

What really interested be on Catherine Bolle’s work is her hability to blend materials and colours. We can feel that the canvas is as important as the material used on it, as well as the artwork theme. Basically you need to understand it all in one single piece as a Precious stone you admire. You cannot dissociate the different elements, otherwise it looses all its sense. Very interesting. Some of the works looked like natural elements made by nature and not by the hand of men. It is interesting to see how such places like Espace Arlaud is sharing its 2 big rooms to such a great artist in a very atelier spirit. We hope this will bring Catherine Bolle work to a broader audience, so that art spreads among people, special the young ones. There is a wonderful book about it at Benteli Editions that will be available this fall. Here are some of the pieces I liked the most during the vernissage.

catherine bolle
“Braille under painting”. Interesting result that makes you think about the role of writing/reading and the book edition. It also underline the role of an artist into the book edition work and what you can sublime from a book.

catherine bolle
A series of very graphic drawings that let the artist creative emotion free from the frame.

catherine bolle
Between organic, mineral and painting, this work really connects into Catherine Bolle creation spirit. You cannot dissociate the canvas from the different elements.

catherine bolle
This one is a “work in progress” A metal plaque in which the artist engraves certain forms that reveals light and textures from the plaque. It was really interesting to see one the early stages of the creation process. Which was also the case with some glass plaques under work progression. Very “raw” but already with an emotional link.

espace Arlaud lausanneespace Arlaud lausanne
From the 4th of February until the 28th of April 2012

2bis, Place de la Riponne
Lausanne – Switzerland

Curator: Francesco Panese
Graphism: Loup Design
Prints: Dip SA and Heerdruck AG
Exhibition elements: Jean Genoud SA, Raymond Meyer

So in the heart of urban life, take a break and discover an interesting multi-talented swiss artist.