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For sure Kissthedesign is one of the most edgy places for contemporary art in Lausanne. Until May 28th, the Lausanne gallery and shop showcases Christophe Lambert, Swiss artist. It is a very interesting exhibition in which Christophe Lambert displayed several art pieces. It is called LIFE IS SWEET PART 2. It refers as well to the PART 1 that was showcased at Art-Etage in Bienne. The work of Christophe Lambert feeds much of the history, mythology, war, art history, as current trends that draws equally in the news, Hollywood productions or in more confidential alternative creations. Daesh, mass culture, the cute little heroes of our childhood, even the children themselves, the evil murderers, hardcore metal bands, the products of the entertainment industry, all end up in the explosive universe of the artist. The binary notion of good and evil loses all meaning here.


christopher-lambert-kissthedesign-exhibit christopher-lambert-kissthedesign-exhibition christopher-lambert-kissthedesign-expo christopher-lambert-kissthedesign-lausanne

The artistic purpose here shows an universe deviant but enjoyable, where cardboard paste decorations mimic a parallel reality and recontextualize imaginary worlds licensed. Christophe Lambert, life is sweet and shows the smiling face of family portraits, but the worst is to come.

The Biel-based artist, Christophe Lambert, signs here his third solo exhibition at Kissthedesign. Confirmed Artist , active on the Swiss and European art scene for over 10 years, he developed a distinctive style, inspired as much by the punk imagery by consumerist myths, cultural or chivalrous. Snow White on acid, serial killer spree, Bambi lewd, fluorescent Apocalypse, the world of the artist exposes a smiling facade on which transpires absurd postures and total anarchy.

Kissthedesign was opened in 2010 by 2 artists graduated from the Geneva University of Art and Design as well as from the Kunsthochschule für Medien in Cologne. Kissthedesign gallery has quickly gained a legitimacy in the art and design scene among a demanding clientele of collectors and vintage furniture aficionados. The gallery has a beautiful and original space of 150m2 displaying designs from the very best:

  • Corbusier
  • Saarinen
  • Florence Knoll
  • Mies Van der Rohe
  • Hans J. Wegner
  • Max Bill
  • Alvar Aalto
  • Etc.

Postmodernism 80s also occupies a special place in their selection, especially with the creations of the Memphis group and Ettore Sottsass. It is thus the treasures of Swiss design, American, Italian, French and Danish from 1930 to 1985. Kissthedesign The gallery is also a cultural space with exhibitions of young Swiss and international artists. Since March 2012, the gallery Kissthedesign achieves a contemporary design exhibition program around unique or limited editions and represents young international designers such as Nicolas Le Moigne, Valentin Loellmann Frederick Dedelley Tobias Schäfer, Tomas Kral, etc. The concept of Kissthedesign makes it a unique and sharp space where history and avant-garde interact.

You can learn more about Christophe Lambert’s exhibition by visiting the gallery official website here:

José Amorim


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