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The amazing thing with the 21st century in arts is the fact that classical standards do not work anymore. They are part of cultural references but artists are today more facetted and express themselves in different manners. Allow me to introduce you to Em, also known as Emfaerie in social networks. She is an accomplished artist, Model, DJ, and true online influencer. She is a true inspiration for a new generation of artists. She has multiple facets and lives free from any judgment. She played the game of our interview.

LuxuryActivist (LA): Dear Emfaerie, first things first: how should we call you? Em, Emzilla? One of your main usernames is Emfaerie. Where this name comes from and what does it mean?
Emfaerie (EM):
My preference is Em, but emfaerie works too! I used to have a different name on my social media, but I wanted something more simple and memorable. Em for my name and faerie means ‘land of the fairies’ which is pretty much where I am most of the time.

LA: You are from the UK and now living in Spain. Why did you choose Spain and Alicante? What do you like about this place? 
I’ve always wanted to move out of the UK, preferably to somewhere warmer. I have some family that moved here a few years ago and when my last relationship ended I decided it was the perfect time to give it a shot here. I love the weather and the people, the Spanish are very laid back and friendly.

LA: How travel is important to you and what motivates you to travel around the world? What other countries would you like to visit? 
I think its an amazing thing to see different parts of the world and their cultures, I’ve been traveling for a few years now and have loved every trip. Meeting new people and making connections I would never make if I didn’t travel, and now that I have, I’m more motivated to travel to visit those people. The top of my list now is Australia, New Zealand, and Japan.

LA: You seem a very complete artist, how would you define yourself professionally speaking? 
I don’t like to put myself in one box, modeling is my primary focus right now but music, art, and entertainment are still just as important to me. If I had to define it simply I would just say artist and influencer.

LA: From a professional point of view what is your biggest dream? 
To live comfortably and happy doing the things I love and help other people in the process. To mention something specific I would say playing music around the world.

LA: Who are the people you admire for their careers? Who are your inspirations? 
A lot of artists and models that have built themselves from nothing, that didn’t need a record label or company to represent them.


LA: By looking at the aesthetics presented on your Instagram account and the fact you are an active member of Suicide Girls, you represent a certain ideal of femininity. Why do you think alternative modeling became so popular? 
Before alternative modeling became so big there was a very small box that models had to fit into in order to be successful. I think when alternative people started to become more common, they wanted an equal chance to have that success, and in doing so showed many other people that didn’t fit those ‘norms’ that they could do it too. It was an amazing way to showcase individuality without having to fit into a label.

LA: We can see that you have true freedom of speech and showcases yourself the way you want without limitations to any traditional standards. What is the message you wish to share as an artist and a woman? 
Do not change who you are or who you want to be to try and fit into other people’s standards. Do not apologize for taking up room, you have every right to share yourself and your views the way you want to. Do things that make you happy for yourself, not anyone else.

LA: You are a true influencer in Social Media with hundreds of thousands of people following you. What are the different topics you like to talk about? We can see that on your Instagram profile you have written #mentalhealthmatters. Why it is an important topic for you and what message you would like to share?
Animal rights, sex workers’ rights, and mental health are my top topics I like to talk about. Mental health is an incredibly important topic for me, I have been through a long journey with my own mental health throughout my time growing on social media. I feel I am at a positive place in my recovery and like to share that it is possible to make it through, I hope in sharing my story it will help others with theirs and normalize talking about mental health.

LA: What can we wish you for the future?
Just to continue this journey of art, modeling, music, YouTube, and more, but overall I’m just wishing for happiness and the ability to help others. 

You can follow Em online in multiple platforms, just click on the below links:

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Em is a truly talented young lady. She embodies her passions and does not compromise when she expresses herself. From modeling to creating music, she has already a solid career, and we wish her all the best for her future endeavors.

José Amorim
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