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This week, Kissthedesign gallery in Lausanne initiated a new ephemeral exhibition around the Swiss artist Flynn Maria Bergmann. The exhibition is called Outside the story. The exhibition also features the artist daughter with Minikiss: Tennessee Lou MacDougall.


Flynn Maria Bergmann is a multi-talented artist as the gallery Kissthedesign love. Both poet and visual artist, he handles the words in all its forms: quotes, references, lettering, aesthetic metamorphoses, fragments or plastic compositions. Adept of the Wagnerian concept of Gesamtkunstwerk but in the alternative sauce, the artist seeks to invest space to offer an original experience to visitors. People are invited to take ownership of the work and of the exhibition itself. It is part of the exhibition that the visitor takes away part of the artist work. It is an ongoing process of collecting and reorganization, initiated by the artist.


Integral part of the device, the collector carries bits of history and continues the cutting process, collection and reorganization initiated by the artist. Thus, history can always be rewritten, take new paths, escape the framework of the book, linear dramaturgy, narration, of the gallery, to expand into new foreign or potentially rich contexts twists.

From art to prevail, why not? Cultural property pocket-sized, surprising for a poet. Flynn with the intervention of Maria Bergmann, Kissthedesign the gallery moved to operate a new concept unique shop halfway between the museum and the bookseller / store on the corner. Family history to Minikiss where Flynn Maria Bergmann encourages her daughter Lou Tennessee MacDougall to fly with his own wings with this first exhibition.


The exhibition is until January 23rd 2016. You can buy each item. As mentioned, the artist first collected the different artwork. By exhibiting his art, he allows the visitors to get the ownership of his collection. It is a quite violent yet inspiring act for an artist.

You can visit the gallery website here to learn more about this exhibition, as well as about the shop. <

Trained in visual arts in the United States , Flynn Maria Bergmann is the author of a poetic work combining daily logs, coat of arms and erotic graffiti . Strongly influenced by his stay in America , and by writers and artists such as Charles Bukowski and Jean-Michel Basquiat , he presents this work in the form of installations, collages of large formats, poetry collections and artists’ books . He teaches at the School of Art of Valais in Switzerland. He is the author among others of a published artist in art & fiction book in 2007 entitled Ashland Chicago, blue flower published by Editions Navarino in 2008, and FM Fiasco appeared in 2013 in art & fiction.



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