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Les Editions du Griffon – Neuchâtel will launch a new outstanding monography about Martial Raysse and for this occasion they just launched an exclusive subscription to a lithography highlighted with oil pastel by the artist. This is an unique opportunity, a one in a kind. You can see the offer by clicking here:

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Martial Raysse, modernity and activism – a new era for art in Europe

Martial Raysse was born in the south of France, Nice, in 1936. At the age of 12 years old he started painting and writing poetry. In a very early stage, Martial Raysse got interested in the role of art as a reveal of the air du temps. After the Second world war he started different artistic work with Plexiglas boxes filled with different objects. At the end of the 50’s and beginning of the 60’s Martial Raysse got involved in the Pop Art movement and participated in the foundation of the Nouveau Realisme in France with artists like François Dufrêne, Raymond Hains or Yves Klein.


In opposition to the new realists, Martial raysse was interested in new objects, attractive and beautiful things that represented the consumerist society he was living in. he made his rst as- semblage in 1959 and became an active member of the european avant-garde. In 1961, at the age of twenty- ve, he participated in the “Art of Assemblage” exhibition at MoMA next to Duchamp, spoerri, schwitters, Beuys, Bruce Conner and robert rauschenberg.

In 2014, the Centre Geroges Pompidou in Paris presented a tremendous retrospective on Raysse and reminded us all about the relevancy of the artist work. It was a full exhibition showing the main 4 steps of his career: the Pop years, the minimal pop, the shamanic years and the invention of a mythography. From this retrospective, Martial Raysse became on top of mind again.

In 2015, The Pinault Collection initiated a major exhibition at Palazzo Grassi, Venice – Italy. Curated by Caroline Bourgeois in close collaboration with the artist, the exhibition brought together more than 300 works from 1958 to the present day – paintings, sculptures, videos and neon works – almost half of which have never been shown to the public. In the exhibition catalog, several excepts from different art directors and researchers were completing the exercice, one of them was from Dimitri Salmon. You can read his except by clicking here.

Martial Raysse by Les Editions du Griffon – Neuchâtel, a homage to a great artist

Les Editions du Griffon – Neuchâtel is fully associated to Switzerland and to Modern art heritage. Since the Second world war, this amazing Art Edition house has continuously worked to perpetuate the passion of arts and since then it has collected an amazing catalog of monographies from the most influential post-war artists. In the good hands of Mr Julien Gonzalez-Alonso, Les Editions du Griffon – Neuchâtel are completely reborn and bringing to day-light amazing edition projects. This year, they are launching an amazing monographs about Martial Raysse. He represents a true innovator and a instigator in his country and beyond borders.

The book is called « Peindre comme toujours… » : de l’épopée picturale de Martial Raysse. The author is Dimitri Salmon. He is a scientific collaborator at the department of paintings from the Louvre Museum in Paris. He is also a poet. After working for several galleries, foundations and houses of auctions in France and abroad, he joined the Department of Paintings of the Louvre Museum in 1996 as a scientific collaborator of conservation. He was Curator’s assistant in several exhibitions and have written on several and diverse topics from Bernardo Daddi, Jean-Pierre Raynaud, The Milo’s Venus and Martial Raysse.

This book represents 266 pages with an amazing iconography – 30 x 24 cm and should be launched on March 1st 2016. The texts are from Dimitri Salmon in French. With this amazing new art book, Les Editions du Griffon decided to propose an unique experience by letting the art aficionado to acquire as well an exclusive lithography 16 colors, highlighted with oil pastel by the artist himself.





If you wish to get this original offer you can download the order form by clicking on the link below:

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Once again, Les Editions du Griffon – Neuchâtel are launching an amazing book, associated with an unique offer. In the great tradition of art books, the Swiss Edition House will reach the heart of the art fan and collector and we all look forward to hearing from this launch. If you wish to learn more from Les Editions du Griffon or if you have a specific question about this launch offer, do not hesitate to connect to the official website here:




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