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Every year, hundreds of new fragrances are launched in the world. After 10 years, only one or two of these hundreds are still around and may be one might be still a top performer in terms of sales. So many creations get lost in the dust memories of the past. So which fragrances were launched 10 years ago and that are still on the market? Alien by Thierry Mugler is definitely the one. Celebrating 10 years, this amazing fragrance has an extremely originality and highlights femininity like no other fragrance of the market. Women rise as goddesses and the wild sensuality of Sambac jasmine takes you into an extraordinary journey. Flashback.

2005, a great year for the fragrance industry

According to, there were 631 new fragrances that were launched in 2005. The 21st century was an interesting new chapter in the fragrance industry. After the search for simplicity, spirituality and a sort of back to basics in the 1990’s, the new century brought back a more entrepreneurial approach. Men and Women wished to assert their gender and sexuality. So fragrances are back to a more sensuality exploration. The beginning of the years 2000 rediscovered the great olfactive families like the florals , Chypres and Orientals. In September 2005, 3 main launches took over the fragrance industry and they were the 3 stars of that holiday season:

  • Alien Eau de Parfum by Thierry Mugler
  • Gaultier 2 Eau de Parfum by Jean-Paul Gaultier
  • Hypnôse Eau de Parfum by Lacôme.


Major feminine brands decided to bring to the market big launches in 2005. Jean-Paul Gaultier launched Gaultier2, a new opus translating a tender yet sensual fragrance, for her and for him. For Jean Paul Gaultier, Francis Kurkdjian – who designed ‘Le Mâle’ – has come up with a mysterious and sensual essence reminiscent of the scent of skin. It blends white musk with notes of vanilla bean. The amber note, with an ambergris scent, is the result of a blend of rockrose with woodsy and vanilla notes.  The aim for Jean-Paul Gaultier was to bring an original and unique positioning for its new fragrance. By capitalizing on the Brand powerful name, they expected to make a big hit.

Lancôme did not find the success they would have expected with Attraction Eau de Parfum launched in 2004. They needed to strike back or to loose positions. With Hypnôse, Lancôme entered a field of sensuality, sophistication and mystery. A territory quite far away from the Tresor woman. Probably a good thing. The sensual encounter of vanilla and vetiver in a new sunny-woodsy-Oriental essence. Passiflora, or passion flower, brings an exotic luminosity reinforced by the sunny heat of Sambac jasmine. A two-headed creation from perfumers Annick Menardo and Thierry Wasser (Firmenich).Hypnose performed much better than the previous one.

Thierry Mugler has a strong feminine identity. With the launch of Angel Eau de Parfum, Mugler proposed a strong image of women, true wonder-women of modern times. A lot of the brand fragrance universe was inspired by this first signature fragrance. The masculine fragrance, A*Men launched in 1996, and Angel Innocent for women launched in 1998 were basically different facets from the Angel amazing universe. In 2001, Mugler launched one of the most amazing fragrances of all: Mugler Cologne. It is an unisex fragrance with a great trail and olfactory signature. The advertising was just out of this world. Thierry Mugler had in its feminine portfolio the following fragrances by then:

  • Angel, launched in 1992
  • Angel Innocent, launched in 1998
  • Mugler Cologne, Unisex, launched in 2001


Out of these 3 launches, only Alien crossed the last decade and still being relevant in terms of sales and in terms of fans. It was definitely a one-in-a-kind fragrance and each woman who tried Alien, got immediately convinced it was a fragrance for them. Alien has a very distinctive signature that outstands from the hundreds of new launches every year. Thierry Mugler has also a long term vision of its business, so it is one of the rarest brands to give time to install each of its launches. The audacity and the vision to launch unique and original fragrances pays thanks to the loyalty of conquered customers.

Alien Eau de Parfum: an extraordinary message for extraordinary women

In 2005 there was for sure some room for launching a new feminine territory and translate the brand extraordinary universe in a different way, away from the blue and silver star universe. And that is how Alien by Thierry Mugler was born. Launched in 2005, it was for sure one of the most beautiful and original launch of that year. Thirteen years after Angel, Thierry Mugler has dreamt up a new creation under the sign of mystery and seduction. Its very name, Alien, resonates like a shock wave, “strange and mysterious, emanating from the origins of the world and the extremes of the future.” The bottle, like the philosopher’s stone, calls to mind the magical pirinciples of alchemy; the aura is one of light. Presented in the visuals by a shaman-woman, who, in the lens of the photographer-creator, incarnates the alien, the other, bearing a gift of peace and happiness, a being combining the supernatural with an ethnic mix that seems to be a message for humanity.

The fragrance has a very original name: Alien. In english an Alien is someone coming from somewhere else, a visitor, a person coming from a far away place and being now among us. It can be someone from outer space but can also be someone from another country. Thierry Mugler offered to its new fragrance an amazing collection of flacons, all cut like precious stones, like amazing Amethysts.




It is an amazing collection of flacons. You want to have them all. Naturally, all the know how of the best glass experts at Bormioli brought the best of the best. The golden claws present the flacon like a crimp gemstone. Such an extraordinary flacon can only keep an extraordinary fragrance. Perfumers Dominique Ropion and Laurent Bruyère have dreamt up a mysterious and sensual elixir composed along three fragrant lines. An amber facet, revealed by an overdose of transparent white amber. A woodsy facet radiating cashmeran, a remarkable wood, spell-binding and dense. And finally a floral facet, dominated by the sunny warmth of Sambac jasmine from India.



The messenger was actually… a solar goddess!

The more we got to know the Alien fragrance universe, the more we realized how extraordinary it was. The messenger coming from somewhere else had a strong message to deliver to all women. This messenger was actually a Solar Goddess, a true icon of soft-power illuminating all women with a feminine aura.


After making her appearance, this sun goddess is awakened to light. Divinity receives this positive energy, life itself, and feels it within before bestowing it on others graciously. The new Alien campaign perfectly depicts this inner and outer radiance. With it, we experience the shimmering golds and exploding colors of Castello di Sammezzano under the warm Tuscan sun. It reveals a white dress veiled in gold, woven from LED lights and optical fibers. Simply radiant. The Solar Goddess reveals herself chapter after chapter and invite you to the most astonishing experiences of all.

The awakening of the Sun Goddess in the light of the sun in its zenith… she seizes its energy, her life-source is restored and she begins to glow. Her entire being is host to this intense energy and she releases absolute serenity. In a generous act, she floods the Earth with this light, sending out her benevolent energy. 3 revelations will captivate your senses:

Floral revelation Radiant Sambac jasmine. Under the Indian sun, its petals are fragrant with green and honey notes. Sunny and warm, it encompasses the full radiance of feminine beauty.

Woody revelation Mysterious Cashmeran wood. An intriguing and magnetic scent which draws us towards another world.

Amber revelation A modern interpretation of white amber. Warm, soft and precious, it reveals an intense, enveloping and comforting aroma.


This year, Alien is celebrating its 10th anniversary. An amazing success story based on a vision of an amazing fragrance brand. In order to create something special, Thierry Mugler launched a special edition of the iconic Alien flacon. The Talisman flacon is the symbol of  this promise, a promise of captivating sensuality.


As you can see, Alien is a fragrance that came from the extraordinary universe of Thierry Mugler, a messenger that revealed herself as a Solar goddess. She brings an intense message to all women. A message of femininity, power and soft aura. You can discover more by visiting the official brand website here:

Give room to the extraordinary in your life and start a journey under the soft energy of the sun.



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